Air Quality Control

Providing a healthy living environment is the number one priority of Completely Dry Waterproofing,. We believe that a dry basement is the first line of defense against mold infestation and structural damage.

Along with your basement or crawlspace waterproofing system, we offer an EZ Breathe system or an Aprilaire Dehumidifier.

The EZ Breathe is designed not only to lower humidity levels, but also to reduce moldy and musty odors. This ventilation appliance installed in the crawl space is engineered to expel moisture-laden air that stagnated due to poor air circulation and to provide ventilation in crawlspaces as well as any other areas in need of circulation. More info available upon request.

Excess humidity in the air can damage basement furniture, paneling and precious stored items. It can cause unhealthy air and unpleasant odors. Eliminate damp, musty air in the basement or crawlspace by installing an AprilAire dehumidifier in your home.

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