Why You Should Invest In Waterproofing Your Crawlspace

Why You Should Invest In Waterproofing Your Crawlspace Chester County, PA

If you are like many homeowners, you probably do not think about your crawlspace much. These spaces are often only thought about when you need to store something or want to access the ductwork, electrical wiring, drainpipes or plumbing of the home. Crawlspace Waterproofing | Chester County, PA | Completely Dry Waterproofing

However, ignoring your crawlspace can lead to a wide variety of problems. Dealing with crawlspace problems can be costly if they are not caught early and are left to advance. Regular crawlspace inspection and maintenance will help you avoid these problems.

Inspection and maintenance by a professional crawlspace waterproofing contractor should be part of your routine for maintaining your home. With professional assistance, you can avoid:

Excess moisture in your crawlspace

Inspection is important for crawlspaces even after you have had your crawlspace encapsulated. Damage to the vapor barrier can result in moisture finding its way into the crawlspace. Moisture in the crawlspace can result in mold infestations and other problems. Moisture can also find its way into the crawlspace through leaking pipes or condensation on exposed pipes.


Pests such as bugs and rodents can find their way into your crawlspace and set up home. A damp and dark crawlspace offers the perfect environment for these critters to breed and thrive. Not only do these critters pose a risk to the health of your household, but some also pose a risk to the structural integrity of your home. For example, termites can eat the floor joists and other structural elements of your home and cause its structure to weaken.

Problems with services

Many homes with crawlspaces have things such as plumbing, heating, and electrical lines running through the crawlspace. An inspection of the crawlspace will also include inspection of these to identify problems such as leaks or loose wires. You can avoid costly damage and repairs with regular inspection.

Crawlspace Waterproofing | Chester County, PA | Completely Dry Waterproofing

Problems with insulation

If your heating bills have increased for no obvious reason, the answer could be in your crawlspace. It may be that your insulation has been damaged or the encapsulation compromised. Repairing your crawlspace could end up saving you a lot of money in your heating bills.

Inspection of your crawlspace is an affordable service that could save you thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance of your home. Get in touch with a reliable crawlspace waterproofing contractor to set a schedule for inspection and maintenance.

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