3 Tips for Selling a Home with Foundation Issues

two people looking at a home for sale

Selling a house is a big decision, especially when a property seller’s ultimate goal is to sell it at an increased asking price. However, many homeowners hesitate to put in extra work to update their home with necessary repairs and maintenance before selling it. While there are some risks involved in pouring a significant amount of money and time into a house before selling it, foundation repairs should be a part of the remodeling process.

Most homebuyers prefer freshly remodeled homes that are more updated and functional, while it can be a struggle to sell an outdated house that needs repairs to ensure infrastructural integrity. Investing in your property’s structural amendments will leave you with multiple bids, higher offers, and more buyers fighting to buy your home.

While qualified foundation repair companies can make the remodeling and home updating process easier, here are three tips for selling a house with foundational issues.

Inspect Your House for Signs of Foundation Damage

Water is usually the primary culprit of foundational damage. Living in a region with heavy rains, moisture, and improper drainage leads to standing water and leakage. It’s best to conduct a property evaluation to look for foundational damage signs.

You can also ask your real estate agent to identify any foundational issues while conducting your property’s market evaluation. They can then recommend a reliable company to fix the damage.

Some of the common foundational damage signs you should look for are floor and wall cracks, misaligned windows, mold and mildew growth, and uneven flooring. A typical foundational inspection can take up to 2 hours.

You can also request a free inspection from a reliable foundation repair company to investigate these issues firsthand.

Get a Foundation Repair Cost

Once you have an idea of the extent of your house’s foundational damage, it’s crucial to understand the home underpinning costs before you finally list it in the real estate market. Foundational restoration costs are more or less similar to major or minor renovation costs. Depending on how significant the issue is, foundation repairs can cost as low as $5000-$35000 or as high as $40,000-$80,000.

It’s better to get an opinion from your contractor before choosing a foundation company with whom you feel the most comfortable working. Some of the critical factors to consider when determining your house’s foundation repair costs are the foundation type, the source of damage, the extent of the problem, and ease of access to the foundation.

Repair Before You Sell

It’s an ideal practice to fix a foundation problem before selling a house. It’ll allow you to receive a written warranty from the repair company before listing your home for sale, ultimately creating a vast pool of potential buyers for the house.

Making essential repairs before putting a house on the market is crucial for establishing unforgettable first impressions. Moreover, the maintenance period allows you to fix any additional cosmetic issues that may need fixing before being ready for possession by new homeowners.


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