Basement Waterproofing – Should You Ventilate Your Basement? Claymont, DE

Basement Waterproofing – Should You Ventilate Your Basement? Claymont, DE

Are you hit by musty and humid air when you climb down into your basement? Do you feel like you’re struggling to breathe when in the basement? Your basement may have a case of poor ventilation.

Basement ventilation is a controversial issue especially when it comes to basement waterproofing. Some people argue that basements shouldn’t be ventilated as this will only counter the effects of waterproofing. One thing that everyone agrees on is that the conditions in your basement affect the conditions in the upper levels of your home.


Should you ventilate your basement?

Ventilation in your basement is important. Lack of air circulation in the basement can lead to the air in the basement becoming humid and musty. This is because basements are below grade and are prone to becoming humid. Poor ventilation can have far reaching effects on your basement. These include:

  • high humidity levels

Foundation walls are known to absorb moisture from the soils that surround them. This leads to the basement contributing to more than 80 percent of the humidity in the upper levels of the home.

Doesn’t basement waterproofing prevent moisture penetration? This depends on the waterproofing system used in your basement. Many professionals use a combination of systems. These may feature a waterproof barrier on the exterior surface of the basement walls and drain tile running along the footing of the basement. There is therefore still a possibility of moisture penetrating your basement in the form of water vapor.

Moisture may also enter the basement from the upper levels of the home. As air circulates within the home, the heavier humid air from rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom will move to the basement. Poor ventilation will mean high humidity levels in the basement.

  • Mold and pest infestations

High humidity in the basement will in turn result in mold and pest infestations. Both mold and pests prefer environments that are humid. Pests such as rodents and cockroaches will thrive in your humid basement. This presents a health risk for your household.


Mold spores are known to be toxic. They can result in the development of allergies or increase in allergy episodes. They are also responsible for other illnesses. Pests carry with them disease causing agents that can cause serious health problems.

  • Structural damage

High humidity can result in serious structural damage in your basement. Wooden structures will rot in the presence of high humidity. High humidity levels also attract pests such as termites which will destroy wooden structures in your basement.

Ensure that ventilation is considered in basement waterproofing to protect your home and health.

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