The Risks of Water Damage in a Commercial Building

Water damage that happens in workspaces and commercial buildings can put a stop to your business running. It puts customers and employees working there in danger and also puts forward a lot of potential health risks. Both physical damage and medical illnesses can come from excess water damage.

Restoring damage done to commercial buildings is often a lot more complicated than restoring living spaces. The extent of the damage can depend on the size of the buildings, the areas affected, and the sturdiness of the foundation, and the amount of footfall that comes into these buildings. These things are also put into consideration when the restoration has to take place.

We’ll discuss some of the problems that come with water damage.


Broken Pipe Lines

Pipe damage in commercial buildings can come from a number of different issues. The pipes may freeze in the winter if they do not have proper insulation. They might also be affected by increases in water pressure or damage that occurs over time due to wear and tear. Even a small leak can end up leading to indoor flooding with enough water pressure falling on it over time. The burst pipes can leak into walls or floors and cause bulges or cracks in them.

Roof Leaks

Through external water damage, one of the first things that will go is the roof. This can occur through heavy rains and snowfall or through increases in humidity, leading to water droplets forming. Water-damaged ceilings can pose many hazards. Short circuits from the water can lead to fires in the building. Poisonous mold can begin growing with the change in humidity or increase in water. The biggest danger comes from heavy snow or water damage, causing enough structural damage that it can lead to the roof collapsing.

leaking pipes

Clogged Sewage Lines

Excessive water damage can both be caused by and cause clogged up sewage lines. The water buildup in the sewage lines can become a festering ground for many illnesses and bacteria that is harmful to the health of the people who frequently go there. This sort of damage can be hard to pinpoint as the clogging isn’t visible to people inside the building. The effects of it still manage to spread as the bacteria can go through the pipes and walls and affect the health of the people in the building. The way to recognize the problem is to keep a lookout for water backing up out of drains or gurgling sounds coming from them. If that happens, you should immediately get a professional water damage organization to come in and do a quick check-up.

Dealing with any of these issues will require a professional water damage services company. Unlike simple home repairs, they can’t be dealt with by yourself. If you require these waterproofing services in Philadelphia, we suggest getting in touch with Completely Dry Waterproofing, which specializes in waterproofing and foundation repair for commercial buildings and businesses.