Tips to Add to Your Home Value

A house on sale.

Your property value depends on a lot of things. If wondering how your property comes across to a visitor or buyer, step in their shoes and tour your house like an outsider. Start from the outdoors.

There’ll most likely be a fence, driveway, front lawn, and the main entrance. Notice everything that requires work, from the walls to the floors. Enter the house and look around for things that catch your eye.

Does the house smell clean and inviting, or is it reeking of damp mold or clogged sewers? Do the walls have cracks, or is the paint fresh as new? Are the cove joints clean and dry, or are there critters crawling and water seeping in?

Once you have the answers to these questions (and more that come to mind), you’ll know how to add value to your house. Here are some pointers to help.

Landscaping: Spruce up the Area

Sprucing up your landscaping can enhance property value by 28%. This includes everything from masonry upgrades to repairing water-damaged foundations, grooming the garden, and treating visible eyesores.

This is the easiest hack to get more money for your property if you plan to sell your house. Don’t pass up the opportunity to make the green with your house sale. The buyers will look into every nook and corner and gauge your property primarily by landscaping. So make sure to refine it as much as you can.

The damages that stand out more are water stains and mold spores covering the walls and large gaping cracks in the structure. These problems make your house look unmaintained and rundown.

Instead of overhauling the entire landscaping, look into repairs and cosmetic details that can improve the look. Start with treating the damp walls and filling the cracks to even out the surface.

Fix Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing damage and lack of maintenance can make a surprise entrance when you least expect it.

We’re talking about water flooding into your basement through pipe leaks, the carpeting becoming damp and moldy due to wet floors, or the sewer stench filling up the house. All in all, these problems severely bring down your house value.

If you’re planning to list your property on the market, you need to do your homework first. With these problems in the house, you’ll turn away every buyer you find. A robust plumbing system is the backbone of a safe home and a major attraction for prospective homeowners.

Nobody will invest in a house that requires the additional expense of repairing damaged pipelines and drains. Not to mention the additional restoration cost for damp walls that weaken the structure. Consult with our experts and get this sorted before putting your house on the market.

Water-damaged walls being repaired.

Work on Key Areas: Basement

Statistics show that investing in a basement offers up to 75% returns on investment. So for every $100 you spend, it’ll add $70 to your home’s property value. This is an excellent incentive for homeowners who are interested in home additions that enhance their home value.

A basement offers many benefits: it increases the square footage and enhances the living area, utilizes the land area by expanding vertically, and offers avenues for creativity. You don’t necessarily have to build bedrooms in the basement.

Use that space to add a library, jam room, in-house gym, or even a pool. These facilities are luxury upgrades that boast of a more comfortable and extravagant lifestyle. If you or the new homeowners are interested in that, adding a basement can be a deal-breaker.

But before you get on with the basement construction, put waterproofing on your list first.

Our experts have over 30 years of experience in waterproofing basements and repairing wall cracks in damp walls in Philadelphia. We’ll put our best men on the job!

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