What is a “Sump Pump,” and Why Does Your Home Need One?

While it’s relatively simple for us to take care of our yards and garden, many homeowners seem to think that a sump pump is unnecessary. However, we’ll show you just how wrong they are.


This blog post explains what a sump pump system is and why your home should have one.


a moldy basement

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is an underground device that removes water from the ground after heavy rainfall or during periods when there have been significant freezing and thawing cycles. Sump pumps are installed in the lowest point of your property, typically the basement.


The bottom of your house is typically below the water table and can collect water, which could lead to many problems. Installing a sump pump will prevent this from happening.


Why Does Your Home Need One?

Without a sump pump, water can still enter your property through cracks in your foundation or from broken pipes, leading to costly repairs and mold damage.


If you don’t have one already, it’s time to get one—here are three reasons why!



Mold is a dangerous bacteria that cause respiratory problems and makes people sick. If your sump pump breaks and water enters through the cracks in your foundation, mold could grow inside your property.


This might lead to serious health problems that you would have to deal with. Something as simple as a mold problem can quickly turn into significant surgery bills or even a loss of life!


Mold is caused by excess humidity in your home. The moisture from a sump pump keeps this at bay! You should also look for signs of mold and have the affected areas cleaned right away. If you don’t, you might not be able to stop it from spreading!


Water Damage

Water damage is never a welcome guest at anyone’s house. When enough moisture accumulates in your home, it will do some severe damage. The problem with water is that it always travels downhill, so if it gathers in your basement, it will continue traveling into your living space.


If left untreated, water damage can lead to mold and mildew, which can cause respiratory issues and other health problems.


In addition to that, the structural integrity of your property might be compromised as well! It’s best to deal with water damage as soon as possible – if you don’t have a sump pump yet, you need one!



Do you live near a river or stream? If so, flooding is something that might happen at some point. Having flood insurance is important, but it’s not a substitute for having a sump pump.


If your basement is the lowest point in your property, water will try to collect there and start flooding. Having a sump pump installed means that the water will be pushed out of your property instead of accumulating on it! This is an essential part of protecting your home from flooding!


Get Your Sump Pump Installed Today!

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