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Waterproofing in GLOUCESTER County

We develop solutions that permanently solve water-related issues. Our waterproofing experts suggest pocket-friendly solutions bearing your budget in mind. We guarantee the highest degree of professionalism for basement and crawlspace waterproofing, foundation and wall crack repair, sump pumps, and more.



Sump Pumps Systems

None of us in Gloucester County are strangers to the number of rainstorms we receive each year. Rain can sometimes wreak havoc in your homes, so if you’re trying to keep your home dry and get rid of excess water, sumps pump systems are your ultimate solution. 



This submersible device is installed in a sump pit that accumulates water from all across your homes. It’s also backed up with a battery-operated pump in case the electrical pump malfunctions.



Contact Completely Dry Waterproofing for installation of premium-quality sump pump systems in Gloucester County!



Wall Crack Repair 

Walls made from concrete can crack. It would help if you addressed cracks caused due to dampness promptly as they may lead to permanent structural damage. Tackle water dampness and wall dampness adequately with Completely Dry Waterproofing.



We’ll send trained professions your way to repair your wall crack in Gloucester County.



Musty Basement Proofing 

The last thing anyone could want is to discover a musty basement!

Wet basement walls and ceiling act as breeding spots for toxic black mold that poses some serious health risks in addition to the lingering smell that spreads across the house. Basement waterproofing can help you seal any crack to keep the moisture out.



Completely Dry Waterproofing offers musty basement proofing in Gloucester County.



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