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Why You Need Crawlspace Waterproofing Services


You may not think much of your home’s crawlspace if you don’t have any grand plans on what to do with it, but the truth is, it’s an extremely important structural feature. Not only does it give you some extra storage space, but it also grants easy access to your home’s wiring, ductwork, and plumbing without having to build a basement. Not to mention that it helps lift your house off the ground to prevent flooding.

Unfortunately, crawlspaces are prone to water and moisture. Just because they’re located below your main living area doesn’t mean they’ll stay dry and moisture-free at all times. However, if you opt for crawlspace waterproofing, this is possible.

So, why pay for crawlspace waterproofing services? Well, if you have sewer lines, water pipes, and air ducts running through the space, you need to ensure that they’re not exposed to dampness. If your crawlspace isn’t waterproofed, the humidity level inside can rise due to moisture. This can corrode the ductwork and pipes over time, causing them to rust, fall off, or even explode. With crawlspace waterproofing, this can be avoided.

Similarly, if you have wires installed or running through your crawlspace, you cannot afford to have water leakage or moisture seepage problem. Moisture and electricity do not go hand in hand. Excess water in the area can result in electrical hazards such as short circuits and may even lead to a house fire. Water and moisture also eat away at the wiring in place, causing you to have to pay for additional electrical work. By waterproofing your crawlspace, you can significantly reduce the risk of electrocution, house fires, or other electrical hazards.

Finally, waterproofing your crawlspace will allow you to use the additional home storage space fully. Even if you choose to keep old items or things you don’t frequently use in the space, you don’t want to find them ruined because of dampness or mold growth the next time you go to retrieve them. By waterproofing the storage space, you get to ensure that your crawlspace is still a safe and reliable space to keep your belongings, no matter how infrequently you plan on using them.

If your crawlspace has unwanted water seeping in, you need to act fast. Our team can help install a waterproofing system in your crawlspace to ensure it’s dry and free of moisture at all times.

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