Why Choose Completely Dry
Waterproofing In MONTGOMERY County

Water can make its way into the house through floors, walls, and even improperly sealed mortar joints. This can lead to mold infestation and increase the chances of you and your family members falling sick. Waterproofing treatment can prevent water from entering your basement or crawlspace area.

Completely Dry Waterproofing is an industry leader in internal and external waterproofing on basements and crawlspaces. Our methods guarantee that nothing hides under the structure of your house. Contact today!

Crawlspace Waterproofing 

The crawlspace is an essential structural feature. Unfortunately, crawlspaces are prone to water and moisture despite being just under the living area. If the humidity levels within the crawlspace rise, they can cause the ductwork and pipers to rust, erode and even explode. Under certain circumstances, water leakage can result in a short circuit.

The solution? Crawlspace waterproofing in Montgomery County by Completely Dry Waterproofing. This will allow you to fully utilize your home storage without worrying about mold inhibition or dampness.

Basement Waterproofing

How to keep your wet basement dry in Montgomery County? It’s time to stop the water from seeping in through the cracks. Install the Completely Dry Waterproofing system to maintain a well-kept basement instead of a damp and moldy one. A waterproofed basement is sure to give your house that edge in the real estate market, and while you stay, it’ll help you cut down on the monthly electricity bills.



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