Wall Crack Repair

Addressing Wall Cracks in Your House

Wall Crack Repair

Walls are susceptible to cracks, whether they’re made from concrete, drywall, or plaster. Even if you’ve renovated your home or built a structure from scratch, that doesn’t automatically eliminate the possibility of wall cracks. Newly-built homes continue to settle as the different construction materials used expand or contract at varying rates. Add to this the changes in humidity levels, soil movement, and foundation imperfections, and your walls may don cracks.

While you don’t need to panic over every wall crack you see, certain cracks such as those caused by dampness need to be addressed right away. There are several reasons why the walls in your home get damp to the extent that they cause structural damage. Leaks in plumbing or chimneys, rainwater penetration through the gaps in the walls, and condensation can all contribute to water damage and wall dampness. This threatens the structural integrity of your walls and makes them unstable.

With dedicated repair services for damp walls, you can counter these water-related issues effectively. That’s where our team comes in.

At Completely Dry Waterproofing, we have a team of the most experienced and skilled employees who are trained and certified in waterproofing tasks. We aim to provide homeowners and commercial clients in Philadelphia effective, efficient, and permanent solutions to their water related problems. We’ll address the cracks in your home’s walls right away and implement sustainable strategies to keep them dry even in the wettest months.

We use the best available materials and techniques for installing waterproofing systems at your home. Trust us; no water shall pass through the walls where we install the waterproofing system. In addition to conducting wall crack repair services, we’ll also waterproof parts of your house prone to water damage such as the basement or crawlspace. You’ll no longer have to worry about damp walls once we’re done!

We offer 100% guaranteed services to our clients. You’ll get a lifetime warranty which can be transferred to future homeowners if you relocate. We’ll also perform free inspections before we get started to give you a better assessment of the problem at hand.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us more details about our damp wall repair services available in Philadelphia. We also serve clients in Bucks, Chester, and surrounding counties.

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