5 Common Waterproofing Problems

Damp basement in Philadelphia

Residents living in wet climates can experience water leakage in their homes. You should always take water leakage seriously and fix it as soon as possible as it can lead to mold growth, musty air, and diseases. Here are five common waterproofing problems that you may face and how you can fix them now.

Seepage Through Porous Walls

Most US homes are built decades ago, which means that there’s a high chance your home is built with concrete or cement. Did you know that concrete and cement are porous and vulnerable to water seepage? Groundwater can seep through basement walls and floors due to hydro-static pressure. Basement waterproofing is an ideal solution to waterproof your basement from water leakage.

Basement waterproofing in Philadelphia

Sagging Wooden Floors

Are your wooden floors sagging due to water weight? If yes, then it’s likely that you have water leakage in your home. Dampness in your crawlspace can damage ducts and electrical wiring which need replacing, costing you thousands. Crawlspace waterproofing provides a complete encapsulation of the interior that prevents water from seeping in. This can help your wooden floors to stay dry and safe from damages.

Drainage System Failures

When the water table rises, hydrostatic pressure can force groundwater to seep into your home. Furthermore, precipitation can flood your home with rainwater. A drainage system ensures that water is drained from low areas of your home. A sump pump system is a great drainage system for homeowners to prevent water accumulation and damage in your basement or crawlspace. Our sump pump features a backup battery pack that turns on during a power cut.

Damaged Foundation

A damaged foundation is a serious problem as it comprises the structural integrity of your home. If left unchecked, large cracks can allow water to leak in which can flood your home. Our foundation repair crew can provide professional wall cracks repair services to ensure that your foundation is in great condition.

Mold Growth and Unpleasant Smell

Moist areas are breeding grounds for mold, which produce airborne pollutants and worsen air quality. Since most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, good air quality is vital to preserving respiratory health. Our EZ Breathe ventilation system is designed to reduce humidity by removing moisture from the air. It can be installed in the basement and crawlspace to expel any stagnant air, allowing for fresher air quality in your home.

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