Here’s Why You Need to be Punctual about Your Crawlspace Maintenance

Are you still deliberating whether you need a professional to look into your crawlspace? Buckle up and get prepared to be shocked because we’re about to reveal the dangers lurking in a neglected crawlspace. Crawlspaces are as much a part of your house as the rooms and living area. You can’t ignore their maintenance and think it’s okay because who can see it anyway, right? Wrong.

Don’t follow the mantra out of sight, out of mind, because it’ll land you in more trouble. Cleaning the crawlspace is crucial for maintaining the indoor climate and air quality. You’d be surprised to find out the imposters living in the crawlspace in your house.

Mold growth on a surface.

Mold Spores and Fungi

The filthy greenish-black spots covering the surface look as unsightly as plaque-stained teeth. It spreads like a curse until it has covered every inch of the insides. And more than that, it releases an unbearable stench that enters the indoor atmosphere and makes the whole house stink.

If you or your family members suffer from severe skin inflammation or allergies, and hay fever-type symptoms, don’t blame the weather. The winters have little to do with it if you haven’t cleaned the crawlspace in a long time. Dirty, mold-infested crawlspaces can pollute the air and make it harmful to breathe. Mold spores release microscopic airborne particles that remain aerosolized and spread allergens or chemicals that attack the respiratory system.

If you’re still not convinced, try vacating your house and living somewhere else for a while. You’ll notice that your symptoms get better almost immediately. That’s proof that it’s not you or the weather; it’s the crawlspace.


If you haven’t heard of this disease before, all you need to know is that it has a mortality rate of 38%. That’s a scientific way of saying that 38% of all the people who contract this disease do not survive.

Hantavirus spreads with infected critters and rodents, leaving their urine or droppings inside the crawlspace. A few culprits to look for are white-footed mice, cotton rat, deer mouse, and rice rat. These pests shed their waste, which generates the aerosolized virus. You don’t have to be bitten by these rats to contract it; it’s in the air. Symptoms include hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome (HFRS) and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS)—as complicated as these terms sound; they mean bad news for your health.

Your crawlspace could have become home to all these pests. You need us to inspect the area and pest-proof your crawlspace before the grim reaper knocks on the door.

A disinfectant spray and hantavirus germs.

Standing Water

Standing water may seem like the most harmless of all contaminants, but it’s often the root cause of many problems. If moisture has entered your crawlspace and doesn’t find a way out, it’s going to linger and help other pollutants grow. Water is a life-giving agent, not just for humans but even bacteria.

Your crawlspace could be flooded or damp, depending on the extent of the leaks causing water damage. Prioritize addressing this issue and get it sorted at your earliest. If not, the humidity in the atmosphere will surpass safe levels and initiate a chain reaction with ensuing respiratory problems.

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