Foundation Facts You Need to Know About Older Homes

If you are looking for a house and are open to buying homes that are a little older, then you should really read up on the possible problems you can see in the foundations of a house that is a few decades old. While old houses can give you a great deal on the property compared to newly made properties, you should keep in mind that some foundation repair will be necessary. While this should not dissuade you from potentially buying an older house, but knowing what to expect from one will help prevent surprises from popping up after you have already made your purchase.

old house with a weak foundation

Signs of a Weakening Foundation

There are a few signs you can look for when you go to check a house before you decide to buy it. Old houses that have a weakened foundation often have some of the following signs. The first thing you should keep an eye out for is if there are any hairline cracks in the concrete. These cracks are often found around the house, both inside and outside of it. Another sign is stressed hinges in the doors or window of the house. This is when the frames of windows or doors are slanted or if they are getting stuck when opening or closing them. Finally, you should look at the floors inside of the house and see if the floors have any cracks to them or if the floors are unevenly laid. All of these are signs of a weakening or weak foundation.

Causes for Weak Foundation

One of the biggest reasons for all this happening is the house just being old. Older houses have settled in for decades before you walk into one. With all that time comes a lot of wear and tear from general use and weathering. Another reason can be that older homes aren’t made out of materials that can withstand time as well. They may be made of stones that wear away, while newer houses have concrete fillings keeping things in place. Another reason can be the natural elements around you, like growing tree roots and ground swelling up due to rains and snow. With multiple years of freezing, thawing, and raining, the foundation can take a few hits that can take time to recover from.

cracks in the wall

What Can You Do?

If you find any of these problems in a house that you want to buy for yourself, then you do not need to give it up. One of the first steps you should take is to get a professional foundation inspection service to come in and check the foundation out. Their inspection should give you an idea of if the house is salvageable and how much it would cost to get it fixed up. Your decision can be taken once you have that information.

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